Ham Presses


Our presses enable three-dimensional form pressing of various products at 8 bar working pressure.
Our heavy-duty Ham-Press presses with pneumatic control to improve and promote the maturing process of raw ham and long-life products. Optimum shaping results in reduced cutting losses, solid consistency and well-balanced distribution of the brine.
Rugged, all stainless steel press designed for prepressing to the required calibre and airless stuffing into casings, nettings, or bags in fully pneumatic operation.
Pneumatic safety controls for simple operation and initiation of pressing and filling processes by shutting the safety hood. Moulding and netting components can be replaced in seconds without tools.


  • Moulds come in 9 sizes, in calibres of 80 to 170 mm with a mould length of 500 mm
  • For cooked and dry cured meat products such as butt, shank and rolled ham, picnic ham, various types of bacon, etc.