Pickle Injector PM-72


  • PSM-24-4.5-ZD
  • PSM-24/48-3.0-ZD



  • Needlehead with springborne needles
  • For injection in products with or without bones
  • Stripper bar without pressure to the product
  • 1-speed motor (35 strokes/min)
  • Conveyor belt removable without tools

PDFPDF PM-72 (95.3 kB)

Pökelspritzmaschine PM-72

Number of Needles 24 Single Needles24 Double Needles
Needles spring borne ++
Number of Needle Heads 11
Diameter of Needlesmm4.53.0
Strokes per Minutestrokes/min3535
Belt Advance per Strokemm30/4030/40
Max. Product Heightmm180180
Channel Widthmm270270
Max. Capacity per Hourkg1300 depending on product1300 depending on product
Max. Injection Rate per Pass%5050
Pump Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal Pump
Drive Electro-MechanicalElectro-Mechanical
Needle Head MotorkW0.550.55
Belt Advance Motor 0.110.11
Brine pumpkW2.22.2
VoltageV/Hz400/50 *400/50 *
Voltage for Control ModeVDC2424
Dimensionscm120 × 80 × 200120 × 80 × 200
Net Weightkg200200

* optional